Who do l contact when l have issues with the line e.g my data is not credited for some reason on a particular month? 

You can contact your distributor or MTN call centre. Data is loaded on 23rd of the month. 1st month will be pro rata allocation and balance in final month.

On which day of the month is the data credited, can you select the date when u want data to be credited?

23rd. Can’t change date.

Is the data allocated recurring, if l dont use all my data in January, will the balance of my data be moved to February or even March?

For 1st 90 days, carry over is allowed. Thereafter, the monthly 1GB must be used in the next 45 days.

If l run out of data, can l top-up with more data at any time?

Can top-up data, voice and sms.

What does the SIM look like, can l get the SIM as a Micro SIM l can use in my Android device or even as a SIM that will work on my Ipad or Iphone?

Can use it as micro, macro or normal size sim.

What happens after the 24 months have elapsed, can l still continue to use my line and purchase my own data?

The recurring 1GB falls away after the period. We will aim to offer another sweet deal to the subscriber before period ends.

Is there a period card is terminated before 24 months?

If card has not been used for a 90 day period, it is terminated.

Can the number be ported? 

Initially not, but the intent is to eventually port numbers.



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